Ewyas Lacy Hundred Probate Documents 1660 – 1858

Produced by Longtown Historical Society Archive Group

With support from The Heritage Lottery Fund and the Local Heritage Initiative

The Archive project

Ewyas Lacy is part of the border country of the Marches, which means that records of its turbulent local history since Norman times are widely scattered throughout both England and Wales. The Longtown Historical Society Archive Project aimed to find and summarise wills and associated probate documents relating to the Ewyas Lacy area, and create a searchable database recording where the original documents are held. The archive includes summaries of a large number of local Wills gathered from the National Library of Wales, which are included with their kind permission.

Archive content

Each Archive entry summarises where the original document can be found, the reference number and source catalogue at that location, the title, the parish to which the content of the document relates and the date. These headings are followed by a summary of the subject matter covered in the document, including, where practicable, principal place and property names, family names, events and dates. Observations by the compiler may follow, to provide additional local information or references.

Conditions of use

Some materials within this Archive may be subject to copyright. The Archive Group policy is to acknowledge copyright where we know of it and to follow ‘fair dealing’ guidelines to the best of our ability in the context that the Longtown Historical Society is a registered charity and the Archive is a not-for-profit venture for non-commercial research, private study and educational purposes. Use of copyright archive material outside of the ‘fair dealing’ principles is not allowed. The Society accepts no responsibility for any such use by third parties.

Searching the Archive

The LHS archive is now hosted as a fully searchable collection on the website of the Ewyas Lacy Study Group, who maintain a broad database of local historical records and where there is a powerful site search engine designed to maximize flexibility and ease of use.

To browse or search the archive, please follow the links below.


More specific searches for individual entries can be made as required using the ELSG site’s search engine, and may reveal additional documents or references in the wider website database. Original probate documents held by the National Library of Wales have in many cases been digitised and images can be accessed here.