Talks – Schedule of Meetings.  7.30pm Longtown Village Hall

Monday, 4th September 7.30pm

 Mari Fforde

Hay Castle : Past, Present & Future

Monday, 2nd October 7.30pm

Penny Platts

 Country Churches: the strange and the wonderful

Monday, 6th November  7.30pm

Bob Steele

The Golden Valley Railway: the Great Western Years

Monday, 4th December 7.30pm

 Rhys Griffith

The Mapping of Herefordshire

Monday 5th February 7.30pm

Members Evening:

Russell James: ‘Cart Tracks, the Forgotten History’

Jeremy Davis: ‘The Coinage of Herefordshire’

Miriam Griffiths: ‘Glimpses of Local Farming 80 years Ago’

Monday 4th March  7.30pm

Tony Usher

Roman Roads to Railways – transportation in Herefordshire 

Monday 8th April 7.30pm

Gill Wakley

What is a Corvisor?  Trades in C17 Abergavenny

Monday 13th May  7.30pm

Yvonne Chapman

Attitudes to Babies and Bastards in the Parish of Allensmore

in the late C18 and early C19 –  and how do we know?

Monday 3th June  7.30pm

Jennifer Dumbelton

The Hereford Mappa Mundi and the Medieval Mind 

Monday 1st July  7.00pm

Annual General Meeting

Prof. Keith Ray

The Important Excavations at Arthur’s Stone, Dorstone :

an update 

Summer Days Out

Details will be published on the News Page when available

These arrangements may be subject to change. Please check the website pages regularly for updates.